About Me

I was born on 1981 in Israel. My passions are the written word, the sea, the lens and the magical combination of these three.

The Written Word
I have been writing ever since I remember myself. I can't recall the first time I actually decided to sit down and write, but I sure am thankful for that moment. In my experience, whether it's a poem, an article, a story or even a review, I never get the chance to be as creative, funny and authentic as when I write.

The Sea
As for diving, my story ain't exactly the classic one, as I was not one of these children who grew up living by the rhythm of the waves. In fact, my first dive was only at the age of 21 in Thailand, and even then, I must admit it was simply t a result of peer pressure. However, it was love at first sight, by all means, and it was about to draw my whole future into a different course. After working as a scuba instructor, serving as a test diver for underwater photography equipment and spending absolutely all of my vacations in fantastic diving locations around the world, I can surely state today that the sea is an inseperetable part of my life.

The Lens
Unlike most photographers, my romance with the lens began only when I found out that I can take the camera with me underwater. Although at the beginning I mainly focused on documenting underwater living creatures, at some point I began feeling that something was missing, as I couldn't seem to keep being inspired by a successful photograph of a clown fish, even if a sun ray dramatically shined on its right fin, exactly when a hammer shark entered the frame from the left. Instead, I then decided to focus on what really inspired me the most- the unique combination between the human being and the sea. For me, the most beautiful and exciting photographs aren't those which precisely document the subjects behind the lens, but rather these that introduce an additional dimension into the photograph, a personal touch that could not been observed by simply attending the scene. My aspiration is photographing subjects the way I see and dream them rather than the way they really are.

The Magical Combination of These Three
I feel fortunate that I have managed to grant my three major passions with such a significant role in my career and way of life.